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reduce maintenance time for pools

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reduce maintenance time for pools

Understanding Folded Over And J-Hook Pool Liners

Mitchell Cox

If you want to install an above ground pool on your property, then you will first need to purchase the pool wall. These walls are heavy duty galvanized steel varieties that allow for the placement of a liner. Liners are made from thick vinyl materials and they often hook or slide into wall tracks. However, not all liners hook into tracks. Some simply fold over the side of the wall edge. If you want to know more about these types of liners, then keep reading.

What Types Of Liners Fold Over?

There are several different varieties of liners that are made to simply fold over the wall of your pool. The liners are called j-hook, unfolded duobead, unibead, Wilkes bead, and overlap. While all the liners are a bit different, they all work in a similar manner. The pool liner is made just a bit larger than is required and the overlapping part of the liner or the j part of the hook overlaps over the pool edge anywhere from three-quarters of an inch to about two inches.

The overlapping region of the liner may be a solid piece, like in the case that a j-hook liner is purchased or it may be an extended part of the flexible vinyl liner. The j-hook liner snap over the ledge of the pool and self secures itself. The overlapping vinyl variety simply folds over the edge and is secured in place with the assistance of something called a coping strip. 

 should understand that you need to buy the correct length of pool liner based on the height of the pool. This is the case for both j-hook and overlap edge varieties. In most cases, the liners are available in standard and average sizes that include 48", 52", and 54". If the liner is too short for your wall, then it will stretch and possibly rip. If it is too long, then you will notice wrinkles in the liner and hooks may unlatch if the pool is not completely filled to capacity.

While j-hook and overlapping liners are best purchased in the exact height, you can purchase overlapping liners that are a bit shorter or longer than your pool type. The overlapped lip of the liner will simply be shorter or longer based on how much shorter or longer the liner is. 

What Are The Benefits Of The Liners?

One of the most pronounced benefits of choosing a j-hook or overlapping pool liner is the fact that you do not need to secure the liner edge in a track. Tracks are called bead receivers and they allow you to slide a liner with a protruded edge into place. While the bead receivers can create a tight edge that resists stretching, you may run into some difficulties if the beaded edge rips. Rips tend to spread fairly quickly and the bead cannot be easily replaced. This can easily result in a fairly significant leaking issue. Leaks can also happen if the bead tracks fails and pulls away from the pool wall.

Since j-hook and overlapping liner edges do not adhere with the assistance of a track, repairs can be made much more easily if the liner does rip or tear. In some cases, the liner can simply be pull more taught over the edge and the coping strip can be secured to isolate the damage. If the plastic coping strips break, then can easily be replaced as well. The strips are typically less than $20 per each two foot strip, so the repair is inexpensive as well. 

The overlapping liners can also be adjusted in cases where the vinyl starts to stretch out. This happens over time and you may notice bulges and wrinkles in the pool. Simply pulling the overlapped section tighter can minimize the appearance of these things. For more information, visit websites like