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reduce maintenance time for pools

I love having a pool in my back yard, but it does require a lot of work during the summer. I have spent a lot of time trying to find ways to reduce the amount of time that goes into taking care of my pool so that I can spend more time enjoying it. During my search, I have learned quite a few short cuts that have reduced the time that it takes me to keep the pool clean and healthy to use. My blog will provide you with all of the tips that will help you decrease the maintenance time for your pool.

reduce maintenance time for pools

Four Custom Renovations To Consider For Your Old Swimming Pool

Mitchell Cox

You may have had your swimming pool for many years, but if it is in good shape, you may not want to replace it. But at the same time, your current pool is not what you would choose if you had your way today. The good news is that many of the same custom pool contractors that build new pools can also take the pool you have now and develop a renovation design that is custom for your available space. The following are a few examples of what may be possible for your pool:

Increase the size of your pool

The same pool contractors that specialize in building custom swimming pools can often increase the size of your existing pool. If you have enough real estate, it may be possible to expand your pool. You may want to make it wider or longer. You can also expand your pool by adding a tanning shelf, so you can sunbathe and not leave the pool. Steps can also be added, so swimmers can enter the pool gradually.

You can add a spa

When this is done by a contractor, the spa can be incorporated into a new decking design. Utilizing tiling or stonework, a spa will complement your pool. It can also be designed for location. The spa can be located adjacent to the pool, so the water overflows into your pool. It is also possible to keep the spa close to the house, so it can be used during the colder months. For even colder climates, it is possible to enclose the patio area where the spa is located, so you can have privacy when using your spa.

Add a water fall to the pool area

There are ways to make a decorative change to your pool simply by incorporating water falls. This can be small and simple, consisting of water running down a small area of stone, or it can be elaborate with large amounts of water falling several feet into your swimming pool. The engineering for this type of work is straightforward, but it is the aesthetic appeal that makes waterfall design an art.

Flames for decoration and grilling

A fire pit is a nice touch and can provide some warmth when the temperatures drop in the evenings. If you enjoy a barbecue, a grill can be designed that is built into the landscaping material that matches your deck and pool area.

Just like renovating a house, a pool can also be renovated. This includes many custom designs that build upon your basic pool structure and configuration. It is not always necessary or desirable to remove your old pool and start from scratch.