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reduce maintenance time for pools

Should You Use Propane Or Natural Gas For Your Outdoor Kitchen?

Mitchell Cox

When considering an outdoor kitchen installation, you'll have to put thought into how you want to fuel your outdoor grill or other appliances. Typically, the choices tend to come down to using propane or natural gas. However, these two types of fuel come with different considerations, such as:

Consider the Path of Least Resistance

You don't want your outdoor kitchen to represent an inconvenience. You want a setup that's easy and convenient to operate. If you don't already have natural gas in your home, it can take a lot of extra work to set up a gas line strictly for your outdoor kitchen.

If you do already use natural gas, then you can easily have a natural gas line added. Just make sure you use a professional for the installation. Once installed, you have a permanent fixture to get gas to your outdoor appliances.

If you plan to have your outdoor kitchen in a location that's not easily accessible by your gas line, then propane can work better. Propane is easier to use with detached outdoor kitchens. Propane tanks come with portability, which can help you run your kitchen from any location.

If you rent where you live, then propane will likely also represent the best option. You don't have to seek permission to use a propane grill or other appliances. If you're renting, you will likely have limitations on what you can do as far as an outdoor kitchen goes anyway.

In the end, choosing the easiest path towards fueling your outdoor kitchen will often work best for you. Figuring out what you want from an outdoor kitchen first, then look at which fuel option will work best for your needs.

Let Your Appliances Guide You

Do you have your eyes set on a particular grill or other outdoor kitchen appliance you really want? These appliances may work better with one type of gas over another.  

For example, some grills have optimizations to take better advantage of propane than natural gas. It doesn't mean you can't use natural gas, but you may receive better mileage from propane. Always pay attention to the requirements of your appliances.

Keep in mind the pure breadth of outdoor kitchen appliances out there.

  • Grills and smokers
  • Warming draws and side burners
  • Dishwashers and sinks
  • Refrigerators
  • Ovens

There are other appliances you may want depending on the goals you have for your outdoor kitchen. The more they can work with your chosen gas source, the more efficiently your outdoor kitchen will perform.

You Can Use Both Types of Gas

Sometimes, it's possible to go with a hybrid solution. As stated, many appliances can make use of both types of gas. You can build your outdoor kitchen around both, and have them work in conjunction. Just make sure the appliances you choose can use both types of gas.

Many appliances have designs for use only with one type of fuel. So practice diligence when choosing the components of your outdoor kitchen.

Hybrid options can also help if you want to start using your outdoor kitchen now but plan to upgrade from one gas option to the other in the future. If in you're in doubt, speak to a professional outdoor kitchen installation contractor about which options may work best for you.

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