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reduce maintenance time for pools

I love having a pool in my back yard, but it does require a lot of work during the summer. I have spent a lot of time trying to find ways to reduce the amount of time that goes into taking care of my pool so that I can spend more time enjoying it. During my search, I have learned quite a few short cuts that have reduced the time that it takes me to keep the pool clean and healthy to use. My blog will provide you with all of the tips that will help you decrease the maintenance time for your pool.

reduce maintenance time for pools

Maintaining A Healthy pH Balance: What You Need To Do

Mitchell Cox

The water in your swimming pool needs to be maintained in order to ensure it is healthy enough for you and your family to swim in. If your water isn't properly balanced, it could harm your skin or even make you sick. To maintain a healthy pH balance there are things you need to do. Read on for tips to maintain the pH in your pool.

Test Your Water

Don't simply add chemicals to your pool water and think it's going to clean your water. You actually need to test your water with a pool water testing kit. You can find these kits at your local pool supply store, or you can purchase one online. These testing kits are simple to use, and there are a variety to choose from. Test your pool water a few times per week, or more often if it's been really hot outside.

Use Pool Chemicals Only

Never put anything other than pool chemicals in your pool. Some people think that bleach can clean your water like chlorine can, but it can be harmful to your water, your pool, and to your skin as well. Never use bleach in your pool and only use chemicals that are made for swimming pools. You can find swimming pool chemicals at your pool supply store, online, or even at some big box stores.

Vacuum Your Pool

Chemicals aren't the only thing that can help keep your pool water balanced, cleaning your pool is also going to help with this. Vacuuming your pool will help remove algae and other dirt that can affect your pool's pH. Be sure to vacuum your pool often (at least once per week), and remove all debris from the pool floor and walls. If your pool water is changing color, you may want to vacuum your pool on waste to remove as much of the dirt and debris as possible and keep it out of the pool.

Circulate Your Water

Circulate your water by keeping your pool turned on and set to circulate. The circulating water will help prevent dirt and debris from settling to the bottom, which can cause stains and algae to grow easily. If you can't keep it running day and night, run it during the day only and turn it off at night.

Your pool water may be extremely unhealthy if you aren't monitoring and maintaining it. Test your water and clean it often to prevent illness or harm to your skin. Talk to swimming pool maintenance services about other tips to keep your water balanced.