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reduce maintenance time for pools

2 Things To Try When Your Pool's Pump Has A Low Pressure Reading

Mitchell Cox

If you have noticed that your swimming pool's water has started to get cloudy, you may have looked at the pressure gauge to find that it is reading lower than normal. If so, you may be getting ready to call someone to fix the issue. However, before you place the call, there are a couple of things you can attempt to try to bring the water pressure back up

1.  Clean or Replace the Filter

One possible reason why your pool's water is cloudy and the water pressure reading is low is that the filter has become overly dirty. When the filter becomes clogged up with dirt, mud, and small debris, it is no longer able to push water through it at full force. As a result, the force of water coming out of the pump is decreased, and whatever water does make it through is contaminated.

If you believe this could be causing the issue, you can try to remedy it by cleaning or replacing the filter, depending on which type of pump system your swimming pool uses. If your pool's pump has a cartridge filter, you can simply replace it with a new one.

However, if your pump uses a filter filled with sand, you will need to backwash the filter to clean it out. Your pump should have a backwash setting that reverses the flow of water. However, if it does not, or you cannot find the setting, you may want to have a professional do this task for you.

2.  Check the Skimmer Basket for Blockages

If you have cleaned out or replaced the filter only to find that the water pressure is still low, the next thing you can do is check the skimmer basket. Since the skimmer basket is responsible for removing larger pieces of debris, such as leaves or sticks, it may be blocked. Because the basket is blocked, the flow of water is impeded, which causes a drop in pressure.

Pull out the skimmer basket, and look to see if there are any obvious blockages that you can remove. Even if there are not, spray the basket with a water hose to make sure it is thoroughly cleaned.

After trying the above suggestions, you may still have a low-pressure reading on your pool's pump, which could indicate that the motor is failing. Contact a pool repair service, such as Hasbrouck Pool and Spa, INC., to set up an appointment to have them inspect the pump and discuss your options for fixing it.