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reduce maintenance time for pools

I love having a pool in my back yard, but it does require a lot of work during the summer. I have spent a lot of time trying to find ways to reduce the amount of time that goes into taking care of my pool so that I can spend more time enjoying it. During my search, I have learned quite a few short cuts that have reduced the time that it takes me to keep the pool clean and healthy to use. My blog will provide you with all of the tips that will help you decrease the maintenance time for your pool.

reduce maintenance time for pools

What Features To Look For When Purchasing A Hot Tub

Mitchell Cox

Have you loved having a pool in your backyard this summer? Are you sad to close it when the winter weather comes? If so, you may want to get a hot tub for when the weather gets cooler. Here are some features to look for when purchasing a hot tub so that you can find the right one for you.


You should start by thinking about what size hot tub you want for your home. Do you have a large family that will be enjoying the hot tub at the same time? Do you plan on entertaining and having guests over to use the hot tub, or will the hot tub just be used for you and your family members? What kind of space will you have to set up the hot tub? These questions can all help guide you toward the size that you need so that you are not buying a hot tub that is bigger than necessary.


Many people have something in mind when it comes to the seating inside a hot tub. For example, loungers can be a great way to relax while in a hot tub, but they limit the number of people that can comfortably fit inside at once. Keep this in mind when selecting a shell that has specific layouts for seating since it will be a trade-off between comfort and quantity of seating in the hot tub.


Jets are not just to make the water look cool as the water swirls around. Many jets are actually designed to provide massages and muscle relaxation while you are sitting inside the hot tub. Consider what kind of jets you want to have in your hot tub and if you need more advanced features that will turn your hot tub into a place to get a relaxing massage. 


There are different materials used to create the shell of the hot tub. Vinyl is a popular choice due to its price, but you'll find that vinyl does a poor job at retaining heat. This can lead to more expensive operating costs over time, even though the initial cost is cheaper overall. Acrylic shells cost more money but provide many more benefits to the owner. You'll find that the heat is retained better, the color doesn't fade, and the material is much more durable to prevent problems over the years. 

Reach out to a hot tub provider to learn more about the different features available to you.