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reduce maintenance time for pools

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reduce maintenance time for pools

Swimming Pool Leaks That You Want To Have Repaired Before Opening For Summer

Mitchell Cox

As the summer weather gets closer, it is time to start dealing with problems like pool leaks. Some of these issues could be existing problems from last season, or they may be damage that has been caused by the winter weather. The following swimming pool leak information will help you deal with these problems before opening your pool this summer:

Issues With Leaks That Start After Winter Thawing

The problems with your pool may be due to leaking that starts as ice and snow begins to thaw. If there was water left in any of the lines or equipment when you closed your pool last year, it could have caused cracks. These issues often go unnoticed until the ice begins to thaw. When the ice is gone, the leaks become more visible and can cause issues when you are working on opening your pool.

Issues With Old Liners and Pool Surfacing Causing Leaks

If your pool has an old liner, it could be the cause of problems with pool leaks. Often, the problems with liners can be minor issues that can be repaired before you fill your pool for summer. In addition to liners, other pool surfacing materials can also wear out and cause issues with leaks that need to be repaired before opening.

Leaking Plumbing and Connections That Cause Problems

There are also various problems with plumbing and connections that can cause leaks. This can be due to winter damage or old pipes that are just worn. You will want to have the damaged pipes replaced before opening your pool. In addition to the pipes, inlets and pool drains can also be the source of leaks that will need to be repaired.

Problems With Worn Pool Equipment Starting to Leak

There are other problems with worn equipment and issues that cause pool leaks. These can be problems like the seals of pumps wearing out or issues with the pool filter. You are going to want to inspect all the seals and equipment for signs of wear that can lead to leaks this summer. Replace dry rubber seals on pumps and filtration canisters to ensure problems with leaks do not develop after you open your pool.

You are going to want to find and repair any leaks before you start filling your pool to get ready for summer. Contact a swimming pool leak detection service for help finding and repairing these problems before you open your pool.