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reduce maintenance time for pools

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reduce maintenance time for pools

Do You Need To Replace Your Swimming Pool's Liner?

Mitchell Cox

Do you have a swimming pool that uses a pool liner to keep the water inside? If so, you'll eventually get to a point where that liner needs to be replaced. Here are some ways that you can tell it's time to replace your swimming pool's liner. 

Old Age

A pool liner is not designed to last forever. Even if you take great care of it, being exposed to UV light is going to cause the liner to deteriorate over time. That's why the age of the liner matters, with older liners eventually needing replacement. The exact lifespan of a pool liner also varies, with it being dependent on the thickness and quality of the material, so it's not like it is recommended to change the liner after a certain amount of years. However, keep that age in mind as it gets older, especially when combined with other factors.


An old liner is going to dry out and start to crack, with all those cracks being weak points where water can get through. Take a good look at the liner and see if you can identify places where the material looks weak and is cracking. Large cracking is going to be too difficult to fix with a patch, and it will be much more efficient to replace the liner completely to avoid complications.


Some pool owners want their pool to look pristine at all times because it is more of a status symbol for their home. Meanwhile, others want the pool to function properly because the pool use used practically and frequently. If you fall into the former category where the pool liner is fading and looking discolored, you may want to replace the liner to improve the pool's aesthetics. 

Empty Pool

If you have an empty pool and a really old liner, it may be worth looking into liner replacement before you fill up the pool again. That's because it can be very costly to fill the pool, drain it, replace the liner, and refill the pool again. It may even be worth prematurely replacing the liner if it means you do not have to drain the pool soon after to replace the liner.

Think it's time to replace your pool's liner? Reach out to a professional in your area that specializes in this kind of repair. They'll take care of the entire job for you and do it right. To learn more, contact a company that offers inground swimming pool liner restoration services.