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reduce maintenance time for pools

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reduce maintenance time for pools

Six Things You'll Have To Do To Get Ready For Your Inground Fiberglass Pool Construction

Mitchell Cox

Choosing an inground fiberglass pool to have installed on your property is a big decision. You'll have to put a lot of thought and planning into this decision before pool construction can begin.

The following are six things you'll have to do to get ready for your inground fiberglass pool construction.

Figure out the financial details

Having an inground fiberglass pool installed is a big investment for any homeowner. It's important to set a budget and allocate funds to finance your pool construction project carefully.

Working out all the financial details before construction begins is important for avoiding delays and surprise expenses that could be difficult for you to cover. 

Choose your pool design and features

You need to consider pool design as well as any pool features you want to include such as diving boards, solar heating covers, or lighting fixtures. It's best to have the design and features planned out before construction begins to avoid unexpected expenses as your pool construction project progresses. 

Have any trees or vegetation that are in the way cleared out

For most pool construction projects, it's necessary to clear some land in the yard on which the pool will be constructed. You may have trees, bushes, or other types of vegetation that you'll need to have removed before pool construction can begin. 

Get all the permits you need

When it comes to any type of pool construction project, acquiring a permit is usually necessary. Permits are especially important for inground fiberglass pool construction projects that require excavation.

In fact, in some municipalities, you'll need to acquire multiple permits before your pool construction project is complete. You need to thoroughly research permit requirements with your pool contractor before construction begins. 

Put thought into what installation dates will be best for your household

Installation work for an inground pool can be quite disruptive around your property. This makes it important to do your research carefully and find a date for pool installation when you won't be needing to do anything out in your yard, such as landscaping work. 

Determine who's going to maintain the pool

One of the most important things you need to understand before pool construction begins on your property is that owning a pool requires some maintenance work.

Either you need to allocate pool maintenance tasks among members of your household or you need to hire a pool maintenance service. It's essential that you figure out how you're going to arrange pool maintenance before you decide for sure to become an inground fiberglass pool owner. 

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