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reduce maintenance time for pools

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reduce maintenance time for pools

3 Things To Know Before Installing A Fiberglass Pool

Mitchell Cox

If you are looking into installing a swimming pool, you have many options to choose from when it comes to pool size, shape, style, and material. When it comes down to it, selecting a suitable pool material for your needs is one of the most important decisions you will make when installing a swimming pool. A fiberglass pool is often an excellent option due to its durability and versatility. Here's what to know before starting a fiberglass pool installation.  

A Professional Installation Makes A Difference

The first thing you need to know about fiberglass pool installation is that while you can put one in yourself, it's often best to hire a fiberglass pool contractor. There's more to the installation than digging a hole and putting in the fiberglass pool shell. Fiberglass pool builders take the time to determine the best location for your pool, excavate the area, put the pool in place, and then take care of the plumbing and electrical hookups. If you want your fiberglass pool to be installed correctly, hiring a fiberglass pool contractor is the way to go. 

How Much The Installation Will Cost

What you pay to install a fiberglass pool depends on the size, style, and shape of the pool. Since fiberglass pools are made in a factory and then shipped to your home, the larger and more complex the pool is, the more it will cost. The difficulty of the excavation and installation process will also impact your bottom line. Most fiberglass pools cost between $24,333 and $70,000. Your fiberglass pool contractor will help you find a pool that fits your budget.

What The Installation Timeline Will Be

While fiberglass pools are faster to install than other types of pools, that doesn't mean it will happen overnight. Before installing a fiberglass pool, talk to a builder about the installation timeline. In most cases, fiberglass pool builders will have your pool ready within two to four weeks. However, the weather, shipping delays, and other issues may arise and extend your timeline. While a fiberglass pool will be ready faster than other pools, you will still want to be patient. 

Before you put in a fiberglass pool, here's what to know. First, using professional fiberglass pool builders for this project will make a difference and lead to a more streamlined pool installation. Second, fiberglass pools can get pricey but are more affordable than many other options. Finally, the timeline for the installation can vary, but usually, it takes just a few weeks to install a fiberglass pool.