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reduce maintenance time for pools

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reduce maintenance time for pools

4 Ways To Save Money On Your In-Ground Swimming Pool Construction

Mitchell Cox

Are you planning on adding an in-ground swimming pool to your yard? A swimming pool can be a great way for you and your family to have fun together and enjoy your outdoor space. It can also enhance the value of your home and net you more money when you finally decide to sell. 

While an in-ground pool is a nice addition, it's also a costly one. In-ground pool construction can cost tens of thousands of dollars, depending on how big and complex the pool is. The good news is there are decisions you can make in the planning phase that will save you money in the end. Below are four things to consider as you plan your pool.

Wait to install a heater

It's tempting to install a water heater in your pool. After all, a heater allows you to enjoy the pool well into fall and even winter. You get more use out of your pool, allowing you to maximize the return on the investment.

However, heaters are an expensive addition. Even low-end heaters cost several thousand dollars. Think about the climate in your area and whether a heated pool is really needed. Will you actually use the pool in fall and winter if the weather isn't warm and the sun isn't shining? It may be wise to wait and see how your family uses the pool before you splurge on a heater. It's something you can always add after the fact.

Go with a basic patio

One of the most expensive parts of pool construction is the patio. Concrete isn't cheap. The patio can add a lot to the cost, especially if you are going with a large, elaborate pool deck. Again, you may want to wait on this part of the project. Finish the pool first with a basic patio and then wait to see if a larger patio is needed. If so, it's always something you can do down the road.

Reduce the size of the pool

There's a natural temptation to make your pool as big as possible. But more size equals more money. One way to cut the cost is to reduce the footprint of the pool. Again, think about the size of your family and how you will use the pool. Is it likely that you will all be in the pool together? Or is it more likely that individuals will use it as they please? Are you planning on using your pool for big parties or for smaller family usage? Bigger isn't always better when it comes to pools.

Don't install the cover immediately

Sometimes timing can work in your favor. If you're opening your pool at the beginning of the season, you don't need your security cover installed right away. You won't need it until the end of the season, which could be months away. That means you can hold off on cover installation and put off that part of the bill until swimming season is over.

Talk to an in-ground pool construction company in your area. They can help you design the perfect pool for your needs and budget.