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reduce maintenance time for pools

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reduce maintenance time for pools

Decisions To Make When Including Deck Jets In Your Pool Design

Mitchell Cox

Designing an in-ground swimming pool with a local pool company involves more than just choosing the size and shape of the pool. You'll also get to browse a selection of enhancements that can add to the beauty and fun of your pool for your family and guests. One addition that many people enjoy in their custom pools is a series of deck jets. These are jets that are positioned around the perimeter of the pool on the deck and send an arch of water into the pool. There are lots of decisions to make if you want deck jets around your pool, including the following.


One simple decision to make is how many deck jets you'll have around the perimeter of your custom pool. Your pool company can give you an idea of what number is appropriate based on the size of the pool. While having lots of deck jets can be fun, you don't want to go overboard. For example, too many deck jets will limit the amount of free space that people can use to sit on the pool deck, as well as potentially create too many streams of water going into the pool.


You'll also need to decide where you want to situate your deck jets. Your first instinct might be to position them around the entire pool's perimeter, but this doesn't have to be the case. One option is to have the deck jets only in the pool's deep end. At pool parties, this scenario allows people to enjoy standing around in the shallow end and converse with one another without having to position themselves strategically to stay out of the way of the deck jets' water. Another option for a rectangular in-ground pool is to place deck jets only on one side of the pool for a unique look.


Different pool jets offer different levels of functionality. Entry-level models simply shoot water into the air at a fixed rate, but higher-end products give you more options. For example, you can adjust the power of the flow, which will affect the height and overall trajectory of the deck jets, as well as how they feel when someone stands in their path. A lot of people like having this functionality because it allows them to give their pool the exact look that they want. Make these important decisions when you're thinking about adding deck jets to your in-ground pool design.

Contact a local pool company to learn more about in-ground pools and deck jets.