reduce maintenance time for pools
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reduce maintenance time for pools

I love having a pool in my back yard, but it does require a lot of work during the summer. I have spent a lot of time trying to find ways to reduce the amount of time that goes into taking care of my pool so that I can spend more time enjoying it. During my search, I have learned quite a few short cuts that have reduced the time that it takes me to keep the pool clean and healthy to use. My blog will provide you with all of the tips that will help you decrease the maintenance time for your pool.

reduce maintenance time for pools

  • 4 Swimming Pool Maintenance Chores You May Need To Do Between Visits From Your Pool Service

    4 March 2020

    When you have a backyard pool, you want the water to be clean and sanitary all the time so you can take a swim when the mood strikes. This requires frequent pool maintenance. Consider hiring a pool company for regular visits to keep your pool clean. They may come twice a week, weekly, or every two weeks as you see fit. However, the less often they come, the more work you'll need to do between visits.

  • Resurfacing Your Swimming Pool To Extend Its Life

    10 September 2019

    Resurfacing your pool will be one of the most involved types of work that you can have done to it. However, almost every concrete pool will eventually require a resurfacing project due to the wear that this material will experience. What Types Of Pool Problems Can You Address With A Resurfacing Project? Over time, your pool's surface can start to become cracked. These cracks can severely degrade the appearance of the pool, and they can also allow water to leak out or to seep deeper into the concrete than intended.

  • 2 Things To Try When Your Pool's Pump Has A Low Pressure Reading

    7 May 2019

    If you have noticed that your swimming pool's water has started to get cloudy, you may have looked at the pressure gauge to find that it is reading lower than normal. If so, you may be getting ready to call someone to fix the issue. However, before you place the call, there are a couple of things you can attempt to try to bring the water pressure back up 1.  Clean or Replace the Filter

  • Maintaining A Healthy pH Balance: What You Need To Do

    28 December 2018

    The water in your swimming pool needs to be maintained in order to ensure it is healthy enough for you and your family to swim in. If your water isn't properly balanced, it could harm your skin or even make you sick. To maintain a healthy pH balance there are things you need to do. Read on for tips to maintain the pH in your pool. Test Your Water Don't simply add chemicals to your pool water and think it's going to clean your water.

  • Going With An Above-Ground Pool? How To Add Style And Security To The Area

    11 July 2018

    If you've decided to go with an above-ground pool, but you're worried about the way it will look, don't be. There are many ways to take your above-ground pool from ordinary to extraordinary in just a few steps. Adding your own unique flair to an above-ground pool just takes a little planning and creativity. Here are just a few things you can do to increase the beauty and usability of above ground swimming pools.