reduce maintenance time for pools
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reduce maintenance time for pools

I love having a pool in my back yard, but it does require a lot of work during the summer. I have spent a lot of time trying to find ways to reduce the amount of time that goes into taking care of my pool so that I can spend more time enjoying it. During my search, I have learned quite a few short cuts that have reduced the time that it takes me to keep the pool clean and healthy to use. My blog will provide you with all of the tips that will help you decrease the maintenance time for your pool.

reduce maintenance time for pools

  • Care For A Pool Pump With Routine Maintenance

    23 May 2018

    A pool pump is the central system of a pool; it is responsible for circulating water through the plumbing system by pushing water through the filter and back through the main valve. If your pool is relatively new, you should learn the basics associated with caring for the pool so that the pump continues to operate efficiently. Use The Recommended Chemicals And Skim The Water Your pool's filter system is likely along one of the interior walls of your pool.

  • Safety Features To Consider For Your Custom Swimming Pool

    27 December 2017

    As you plan the addition of a custom swimming pool for your backyard, you may want to consider adding a few safety features. Even if you don't have children of your own, adding these features can help you rest easy knowing that children and adults alike can enjoy the use of your pool. Here are a few options to consider as you work with your pool builder to create an outdoor oasis in your yard.

  • Should You Use Propane Or Natural Gas For Your Outdoor Kitchen?

    9 November 2017

    When considering an outdoor kitchen installation, you'll have to put thought into how you want to fuel your outdoor grill or other appliances. Typically, the choices tend to come down to using propane or natural gas. However, these two types of fuel come with different considerations, such as: Consider the Path of Least Resistance You don't want your outdoor kitchen to represent an inconvenience. You want a setup that's easy and convenient to operate.

  • Four Custom Renovations To Consider For Your Old Swimming Pool

    6 September 2017

    You may have had your swimming pool for many years, but if it is in good shape, you may not want to replace it. But at the same time, your current pool is not what you would choose if you had your way today. The good news is that many of the same custom pool contractors that build new pools can also take the pool you have now and develop a renovation design that is custom for your available space.

  • 3 Vital Steps Before Using A Previously Abandoned Pool

    26 July 2017

    Have you purchased or are you in the process of purchasing a home with a swimming pool? Are you planning on simply filling up the swimming pool and using it immediately? Unless the pool is currently in use, you should not do this. If a pool has been neglected or has been empty while being sold by a bank, it's unlikely that the swimming pool is actually in usable condition. Before you do anything else, there are a few steps that you need to take in order to get your new pool working for summer: